NW Wakesurf Association
20126 Ballinger Way NE
Shoreline, WA 98155


About the NWWSA Team

We are a cadre of close friends with a diverse set of interests and skills, united by
our love of long Washington summers, wine, food, laughter and of course wakesurfing!

We recognized the need for an organization to support and promote the sport of wakesurfing
in the Pacific Northwest and so the NW Wakesurf Association (NWWSA) was born.

Trevor Miller - President
(aka "the one who is actually good")

Trevor's involvement with NWWSA began with nights out at pub meet 'n greets, and by volunteering for, and competing in, our surf competition. He's known for trading full gas cans and coaching for a wave. In the off season, Trevor enjoys tearing up the mountains on his snowboard, building off-road trucks, and crossfit to keep up his surfer physique. He works for a door and millwork company in project management.


Brett Griffin – Vice President
(aka "H.O.J.O."or "H.O.S.D.O." )

Brett grew up on Lake Sammamish. After graduating, when his mom wouldn't let him back in the house, he decided to spread his wings in Seattle. He still knows where his mom hides the boat keys though, and so we made him a board member. When he is not surfing, Brett enjoys golfing and driving around in his new Bitchin' Camaro. "You can take the boy out of Lake Sammamish..."


Michael Cameron - Treasurer
(aka "Nanook")

Mike is no longer new to wakesurfing, but he promises (again) to land a 360 this year. Mike regularly travels to the Arctic to study marine mammals. It cuts down on his practice time but he's comfortable surfing the entire season without a wetsuit. When not surfing, Mike and his wife, Colleen and kids, Colin and Cate enjoy travelling, throwing parties and making each other laugh.

Bryce McDonald - Secretary
(aka "Dread Pirate Roberts", "Captain Fancypants", "Safety Seagull" )

Bryce is the co-founder of Day1, the Northwest's go-to source for hand made wakesurfers.  When not in the shop taking orders and building boards, you can find Bryce on the north end of Lake Washington testing boards, riding, and throwing a wake for anyone who wants to ride... year 'round.

Jenny Leak - Director of Marketing and Social Media
(aka "Ariel", "The blonde one", "Blondie", "Malibu Barbie", "Little Mermaid")

Tamping down a sunny disposition would require serious discipline, and Jenny simply must reserve the serious disciplining for her day job as an educator in which she pumps up brain grapes with the juices of literacy, math, science, and history! Fortunately, the NWWSA steps in when she needs rescuing from too many nights and weekends planning at "the office"... there's no turning down good friends and a surf sesh. Hint: Need something? Jenny caves to puppies or Hawai'i bribes.


Grace Han Stanton - Board Member
(aka "Grand Poobah")

When Grace isn't wakesurfing she is practicing law as a partner in a large Pacific Northwest law firm, where she specializes in intellectual property law.  In addition to wakesurfing, Grace enjoys skiing, reading and traveling.


Chris Stanton - Board Member
(aka "Thumper")

Chris is currently on sabbatical in Brazil... or is it Switzerland? ...New York? We honestly don't know, but he clearly leads a charmed life and is married to the most patient woman on the planet. Can someone please give this man a job? Our jealously is killing us! Stay tuned for details on his new hybrid sport combining wakesurfing and fully automatic skeet-shooting.


Allison Goodman - Board Member
(aka "Gidget")

Allison loves being on or in the water.  This includes wakesurfing, slalom skiing, wakeboarding or just cruising around in her Air Nautique.  To fund her fun, Allison does computer forensics with ediscovery which means she tries to determine what people did on their computers, including whether they were downloading porn.   



Jeff Paige - Board Member
(aka "Gran Jefe")

Jeff Page is the founder of Inland Surfer , the leading global manufacturer of wakesurf boards and equipment. When Jeff isn't at the helm of this business, you can find him cruising in his Centurion boat creating monster wakes around Lake Sammamish.

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